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Hero Experience

The amount of hero experience is based on the value of enemy losses calculated in their crop consumption. In case of the defence battles, the defending hero or heroes get a part proportional to how much they and their troops helped in the battle:

  • The crop consumption of all killed attacking units is taken into consideration.
  • For each defender the total fighting strength of their defending troops and the accompanying hero is taken into consideration to calculate the ratio which each defending party adds to the total defending strength.
  • Each defending hero receives the above calculated ratio of the crop consumption of all killed attacking units as hero experience.


Attacker attacks with 15 Theutates Thunders = 30 crop consumption.

Defender: Hero A - hero with 1000 fighting strength plus 20 Phalanxes (in sum 2000 fighting strength against cavalry) / Hero B – only hero with 4000 fighting strength (6000 fighting strength in total).

Assuming all attacking troops get killed, Hero A will receive 1/3 of the experience and Hero B will get 2/3 of the experience out of the amount of total killed supplies. For this specific example the Hero A will get 10 experience points and Hero B will get 20 experience points.

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